Episode 5

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23rd Aug 2021

Washington County Foster Closet w/Shannon Siebert & Koa Dautermann

This week's show is a great example of why I'm doing this and what I've missed since I left radio. On this episode, I speak with Shannon Siebert of Washington County Foster Closet to talk about her organization and the importance of supporting children in foster care—as well as foster families—in Washington County, Wisconsin.

The Washington County Foster Closet supports our area children by providing clothing and supplies to foster families. Imagine getting a call that three teen children are going to be placed with your family in the next half hour! Being prepared for all ages, sizes, and genders of children would be impossible as a foster family, and the Washington County Foster Closet serves as a resource to the foster families in our area with clothing, supplies, and much needed support.

This is one of those episodes that makes you think and gets you wondering how you can do more for those who are in need in our community, and I truly thank Shannon Siebert and Koa Dautermann for all they do in Washington County.


• https://www.facebook.com/washcofostercloset

More information on becoming a Foster Family:


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