Episode 32

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14th Mar 2022

An Update On the Show

Hi there! Thank you to everyone who has been listening to the show. I've had a lot of great feedback this week, and it makes doing this show enjoyable!

That said, this week I'm asking for your help. The hardest part of doing this show is figuring out who I should talk to next. If you know of an interesting person, nonprofit organization, impactful business, event, or anything else interesting that you would like to have me interview, please send me a message. You can email me – fifteenwithfuzz@gmail.com – or you can go to my website, fifteenwithfuzz.com, and click on the Contact page.

In the upcoming weeks, I have a number of fun episodes lined up, including:

  • A corvette giveaway from the West Bend Sunrise Rotary
  • A new gym opening up in West Bend
  • A feature on the upcoming 125th Anniversary Celebration for the Village of Kewaskum

But I could really use some more interviews and contacts from other towns in Washington County. If you know of some great things going on in Germantown, Hartford, Richfield, Slinger, Allenton, Jackson, etc., please send them my way!

Thank you again for listening and all of your support!

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New episodes on Tuesday.

Thanks for listening!

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Fuzz Martin 0:09

What's up everybody, I hope you're having a great start to your week. I have, I have two quick spoilers for you as we started the show today. One, there is no way that this episode is going to be 15 minutes. I'm sorry, it's not going to happen, too. I'm kind of taking a little bit of a break this week. This episode is kind of a little bit of a cop out. I'm kind of cheating by putting this episode out there. But I encourage you to keep listening to the other episodes of the show, after this one plays. So first, I want to say thank you to a number of people who have told me they've been listening to the show and that they enjoy it. Thank you very much. I see the metrics every week. And I'm humbled and grateful that you listen to the show, and you enjoy it. And the number of listeners each week keeps going up. And it's great. And like I say all the time. This is more for me to learn about what's going on in our community than anything but I am glad that you are getting something out of it. I also need to apologize to one listener. Cheryl, thank you for listening. First of all. Last week, I joked that I was going to teach a class on sourdough bread, baking, and boxed wine drinking at the West Bend Chamber's, Home Health or Home Hobbies and Wellness Show. I was just joking about some of that. And I'm going to use finger quotes. I was the hobbies portion of it that I picked up during the beginning of the pandemic. So I'm glad I was convincing. But I was only having fun. I admittedly had to quit bread baking because all the carbs were adding up fast. And I probably should have quit the wine because those carbs are also adding up fast. But here we are. So this week, as I teased, I'm taking a little bit of a break from the interviews. But there are a few good reasons why. First, I recently moved into a new office, it's in the same building. Like we didn't EPIC didn't move. But I am now in a really nice office. And it's just a different office in the same building. And it has a really sweet side office that I'm going to turn into a recording studio. So it was like an office and a little room off the side that was kind of like storage, but I cleaned it out. I'm painting it. I'm putting up acoustic panels and it's going to be a really cool recording studio. When all is said and done. My next step is to convince Shanna to let me buy some more podcast gear, we'll see how that goes. I'm cautiously optimistic I'm not really optimistic at all, I and it's not really hurtful, because I know better. Anyway, it's been a lot of fun. It's not quite there yet. I finished building the acoustic panels over the weekend, I've got some soundproof curtains coming in this week. So it should all be ready to go for interviews around Wednesday. Second, and probably most important, this is my busiest time of the year at EPIC. So scheduling has been a bit of a challenge for me, it's been a lot of fun. And I'm excited that we've got some like really cool, really visible client work that will be playing on your TVs, phones, computers and radio soon. And I'm really proud of our team and their work. But with all that being said, I don't have a ton of time on my hands right now. And scheduling and finding guests is probably the most time consuming part of the show. Not actually the recording or the editing, it's really the finding time in the day to get somebody find, find the person find their contact information, reach out to them coordinate a time to record and then you know to get them to come in that finding that time is the hardest part. So I could really use your suggestions on interesting people, fun events, impactful businesses, charity and community organizations or anything else going on in or around Washington County that you find to be positive. That will get people thinking that will be a break from some of the nonsense that we see on social media. So send them my way. I have a few shows lined up for your inspiration that are coming up. So there's a Corvette giveaway with the West Bend Sunrise Rotary, their annual classic car raffle, which is really cool.

Or are in a cool car raffle. I guess I don't know if it's really classic. There's a new gym opening in West Bend. I'll be interviewing the owner of that. We've got a feature coming up on the 125th anniversary celebration for the village of Kewaskum. And it's two years later because of COVID. But it's gonna be really cool. So we'll be speaking with some people about that coming up. But again, I could really use your help in finding my next guests. So please send people my way. You can email me fifteenwithfuzz@gmail.com That's 15 spelled out with fuzz at gmail.com. You can also go to fifteenwithfuzz.com and click on the Contact Form. Since I live on the north side of Washington County, it's really really easy for me to slip into like, you know, a lot of West Bend and Kewaskum area content. If you know of cool things going on in Germantown, Richfield, Hartford, Slinger, Jackson or anywhere in between, please let me know. I'd love to expand beyond just what I see around me. Okay, cool. So your assignment this week is to tell me who I should talk to you next. Even if you don't have their contact information, just if you send me your ideas I can. I can figure it out. I'll snoop them out in a nice and approachable way. So thanks again for listening new episodes, which are typically longer than seven minutes. Come out every Monday at midnight. And subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. Anywhere you find me. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My handle on all three is @fifteenwithfuzz. Thanks again. And we'll talk to you next week right here on 15 minutes with Fuzz.

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