Episode 54

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12th Sep 2022

Peck and Bushel Organic Orchard in Erin, Wis., with Shanna Martin

Hello Washington County, Wisconsin! Hope you're having a wonderful start to the unofficial beginning of fall. This week, my lovely wife, Shanna, from the Tech Tools for Teachers podcast joins me to talk about a little side trip we took to an organic apple orchard on the southwest edge of Washington County. Peck and Bushel is an organic apple orchard on County Road Q in Colgate. It's actually listed in the Town of Erin...my map was inconclusive. After all, that's why I say, "...in and around Washington County, Wis." 😉

Either way, enjoy this 15 minutes on Peck & Bushel Organic Orchard with Shanna Martin on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz!

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Oh hello, Washington County what's happening? It's Fuzz Martin and this is Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz—a show about positive people, places, things and goings on, in and around Washington County. Today's show is about a place where I'm not actually quite sure if I'm pretty sure it's in Waukesha County, but it's right on the border. And my lovely wife, Shanna Martin, host of the Tech Tools for Teachers Podcast is joining me today to talk about a little trip we took to a place called Peck and Bushel. Hello.

Shanna Martin 0:43


Fuzz Martin 0:44

How are you?

Shanna Martin 0:45

I'm fantastic.

Fuzz Martin 0:47

It's been a while since you've been on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

Shanna Martin 0:50

It has been it's been? Yeah.

Fuzz Martin 0:52

It's been at least 15 minutes.

Shanna Martin 0:54


Fuzz Martin 0:55

Yeah. Great jokes. I think you're what you were on two episodes last year?

Shanna Martin 0:59

I think so we did a fall one last year when we went to the pumpkin farm. Yeah. And then. Oh, beer gardens, with my parents also.

Fuzz Martin 1:06

Oh, that's right. And also Shalom Wildlife Center.

Shanna Martin 1:10

Yeah. So I've been featured on three episodes before we ever said.

Fuzz Martin 1:12

So I guess. I always thought it was Jay Shambeau that had the most times on the show. But you're you're up there.

Shanna Martin 1:18

I'm the winner.

Fuzz Martin 1:19

You're the winner. But you're also my lovely wife. And you get to join us for these things.

Shanna Martin 1:25

Yes. And when we're not chatting on my podcast we can chat on your podcast together.

Fuzz Martin 1:29

So my podcasts a little.

Shanna Martin 1:32

Yours is more chatty, I get to talk and talk about stuff.

Fuzz Martin 1:35

A little chatty. Little, little talkie. So speaking of that. So last week, on Sunday, we went out for breakfast at a place where we go to breakfast sometimes. And then you were like, Hey, I saw Facebook. I saw this thing on Facebook on one of your co workers was at a place called Peck and Bushel. Oh, we should stop by It looks cute.

Shanna Martin 1:58

Yeah. And I was like, hey, is this anywhere in your breakfast and you were like like no, but it's a Sunday and it's beautiful. Let's go for a drive not even

Fuzz Martin 2:03

close to where breakfast was. But let's do it anyway, because it's Sunday and it was beautiful. The Sunday that we're recording this which is September 11. It's not beautiful outside and rainy. It is sopping wet. But that's okay.

Shanna Martin 2:15

Our apple adventures though. It was because it was like oh, look, there's like jams and honey. Let's go stop by the farmers market.

Fuzz Martin 2:23

We can use some honey. Yeah. And then. So we drove down Highway Q toward Colgate. And again, you kind of like hop in and out of Waukesha and Washington County when you're out that way. And we come around this bend up over the slight little hill and I see this the top of this beautiful like barn looking place and then we saw a parking lot completely packed.

Shanna Martin 2:51

It was like, and they're like it's beautiful. Like the Barnet Lee drive at the barn is beautiful, but it's everything's like black and white and very kind of chic. So all of these like flagged in parking lots. Really. I just kept thinking like, oh, it's gonna be this cute little place with some jam. And then I was like, holy cow. Like there's parking sections. Yes. I keep driving because we're not in the entrance yet.

Fuzz Martin 3:14

Yeah, they're like, roped in section. Which this is not not it's not a bad thing.

Shanna Martin 3:18

No, it was it was very well organized like that with the amount of people that were there. I was super impressed with how fast the entire experience was like, you could definitely make it longer. But we I really was going for jam and honey. And then we'll talk I don't know, we'll discuss

Fuzz Martin 3:38

we'll discuss all the stuff purchases made. We got parked, and it was fine. It was fine. There were lots of people if you're going there, please watch out for children families. Yeah, pedestrians.

Shanna Martin 3:51

Yeah, but everyone was like,

Fuzz Martin 3:52

well parked it like it was organized like everyone. Yeah, yeah. And when we got in there, it wasn't so bad. It was

Shanna Martin 3:57

no, it didn't feel even though the parking lot was full. Like you can go pick apples. So if you were gonna go you pick apples. There's people go into the orchards to go pick apples, right? We didn't get to that part even. But that's where it left. That's why there's so many cars are because you can go pick your own apple.

Fuzz Martin 4:14

Yes. So they have Oh, according to their website over over 30,000 dwarf apple and fruit trees. And they're grown in a trellis system, much like a vineyard and that's an 80 acres in the Town of Erin which is in Washington County, I believe so I'm pretty positive it is. So anyway, the weeding go through the orchards because we were there for genuine honey, we were there for jam and honey would just come from breakfast. We didn't really know what it was until breakfast. And and really we weren't, you know, mentally prepared for picking.

Shanna Martin 4:48

It was more or less like we're just going for a Sunday drive to get some jam and honey just to go check out the place. We didn't do any background on it. We did nothing. It was really Hey, I saw on Facebook this place it looks like they have really cute Jam and Honey, let's go. Right and we went. So when you walk up, I gotta talk about this. So when you walk up, there's like a little outside hut. Yes. The place is very pretty. It's like a concession stand. Yes, yes. And you can buy empty bags to go pick your apples. Yeah, you pick apple. They also have to go coffee and to go cider doughnuts. Yes. And you walk past and you smell this glorious smell.

Fuzz Martin 5:29

This was the best smelling barn I've ever been in in my life.

Shanna Martin 5:32

Yeah, we've gotten into the barn. This is outside the barn.

Fuzz Martin 5:34

But it was the best smelling outside of a barn

Shanna Martin 5:36

It is definitely a beautiful. And as I'm walking and we're like, hey, this will be a beautiful place for wedding. Okay, by the way, if you go on our website, you'll also see that it's an event space for weddings there. Yeah, clearly, I was making all these guys like clearly Yeah, this place

Fuzz Martin 5:51

they planned before you even came up with the idea correct.

Shanna Martin 5:54

And I was gonna tell them they should at weddings here. Hey, you guys. You should do weddings are like yeah, cool. But when you walk in the smell the glorious smell of warm. Apple cider. Yeah. No, no. It was glorious. Yes.

Fuzz Martin 6:13

They're in a

Shanna Martin 6:15

weird smell a podcast. He would smell the glorious smell of these apple cider donuts.

Fuzz Martin 6:21

It totally in the paint the picture not just in the the smell dimension in the looks dimension. It very much looks like a place you would find a Door County.

Shanna Martin 6:34

Yes, it's it's a big, huge white barn. It's got a lofted space, actually, that you can like go up the stairs and go like eat your apple cider doughnuts up there. It has a large open shiplap everywhere. All the glorious shiplap. And like sections of jam, there was jams. Yes. And then besides jams and honeys, there were bags of pre picked apples. Yeah, they were cutesy gifts of all types of candles and biscuit mix. Towels

Fuzz Martin 7:03

We got I don't think your mom's gonna listen this podcast, right?

Shanna Martin 7:06

Well, if she does. She'll know. Okay, we bought her the cutest little crew cream pitcher that's got a Dalmatian on it. Yes. And then there was other cutesy little gifts section. And then there's like jams and you go to another section then there's more jams. And then there's jams of a different variety. And then there's your like, muffin mix. And then they have honey that they make there. So we got some honey from the Pear and Bushel people Peck and Bushel Peck and Bushel. Oh my goodness, Peck and Bushel and we're talking about apples, the entire time. And then there was like another jam section. And then they had a mulling section. So you get mulling spices.

Fuzz Martin 7:38

they had to build your own caramel apple section. Yes.

Shanna Martin 7:42

Was like if you don't make him there. It's a kit to take home with you. Okay, okay. And then so when you with your apples that you then go and purchase. And then there's all of all of the things and everything just smells glorious, and smart thinking on their part to things. They're able to have all of this in this bar, because it's all modular. Yeah. So if you have a wedding there or they have an event space, you they remove it all. And like the checkouts become a bar. It's very well thought out.

Fuzz Martin 8:09

Yes, it is very well thought out. And so there's the there's the first checkout where we check the checked out shopping things. And then there's the bearish area which has those

Shanna Martin 8:19

the second checkout that has the glorious apple cider donuts and then there's coffee and water and like other drinks you can get to Sure. And oh my goodness, you can buy him like singular and six dozen room.

Fuzz Martin 8:35

And we did even though we just ate breakfast. We bought doughnuts we did we enjoyed one out on the shared

Shanna Martin 8:40

one out on the terrace by the lovely hydrangea Annabelle flowers. Yes. And, and there was like a playground space I think behind us.

Fuzz Martin 8:50

Yeah, I think it's like a small will I know that a swing that I saw. We did not go visit that because it was just packed with people and we didn't want...

Shanna Martin 8:59

It was packed, but like not uncomfortably packed. Right. It was busy, but it wasn't like craziness. And everything just felt like floors cluttered. So then we just it was beautiful, a beautiful day and yummy smelling things. And I would I would like to go back just to purchase more things, which is it felt very foul.

Fuzz Martin 9:20

Yeah, it did. And I don't feel like we bought a whole lot of stuff. We didn't I don't

Shanna Martin 9:24

think it was apples and gifts and some muffin mixes.

Fuzz Martin 9:28

Nobody. I mean, we we did buy a good amount of stuff. But we didn't spend a ton No, it wasn't crazy horrible. No. And yeah, so they're open on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4, but check their website because it is an orchard and I don't know how long.

Shanna Martin 9:43

Also check Facebook because on Google it's a that they were closed with, like, Labor Day because that's when we were going so it's worth checking out their Facebook page too. Yeah. And I have to say on the wonderful apple cider donut note, yes. You know how apple cider donuts get kind of dry down. Yeah, right like two hours in right?

Fuzz Martin:

We know we all know everybody listening here is knows how that kind of goes II just most don't it's like if you go to Dunkin sorry Dunkin but if you buy donuts in the morning at Dunkin

Shanna Martin:

yeah I mean but who really was wrong? I mean in our house those are gone. Yeah, except for that one placing I get that one. Oh yeah, those donuts lasts for two days because there was besides of, you know, they're filled with Nutella. But anyway, beside the point, these apple cider donuts last all day and refresh until they were deserted again at dinner. So yep, there was a solid donut and the apples also very fresh and lovely. So iv'e been eating thosefor lunch. Oh,

Fuzz Martin:

Yes, they have we bought honey crisp. Was it a peck or a bushel? Now we bought a

Shanna Martin:

We definitely did not buy a bushel I think we got like a quarter.

Fuzz Martin:

It was a little bag. Got a little better like honey crisp apples. I like honey crisp. They have let's see. Reading from their website pixie crunch. I've never heard of that before. Maybe they Mccoun. blondies, sweet sixteens, riverbells. Honestly those are early through late September. Then they go late September through mid October. They've got Courtland, Harrelson, snow sweet, these sound like names that our child comes up with for her teddy bears is crimson, crisp pizzazz and crimson Topaz. Nice. And Firefly. Fireflame. Fireflame I'm kidding. Don't have a fire flame. So Peck and bushel organic fruit company it's been around since 2010. I didn't even realize it existed until I saw it

Shanna Martin:

actually after I went to work then and I was like oh my gosh, yes. Doughnuts, these apples and someone that I work with who is from Slinger was then like, oh yeah, they've been around forever. Everybody knows who they are. Okay, well,

Fuzz Martin:

Not us. And it looks it looks overdid the way it's kept up it looks new. And and again, even though it was you know, the parking lot was full. It was a lot of it was because people were out picking and we got through there. And we were like the second in line for checkout. And it was

Shanna Martin:

Yeah, like there was no it was busy but definitely well handled busy.

Fuzz Martin:

Yeah. So check it out peckandbushel.com you can find them on Instagram and Facebook. And in our refrigerator. And in our hearts. And that'll do for Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz I've got this fancy new button pusher. pusher, the wrong button that I'm pushing the wrong buttons on right here in the studio. So that's fun. Anyway this has been Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz—a little looser than normal a little loosey goosey but I you know what? It works out. I don't have to be as formal with you as I do with a regular guest right?

Shanna Martin:

Because we were there together. Yeah.

Fuzz Martin:

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter at @fifteenwithfuzz if you have an idea for the show. Go to fifteenwithfuzz@gmail.com that spelled out f i f t e e n with fuzz at gmail.com New episodes every Monday. We appreciate you listening and we'll talk to you next time right here on 15 minutes with fuzz

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