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13th Dec 2022

Rettler Run 2022 with Pete and Jack Rettler

Pete Rettler hasn't missed a day of running in 29 years! That's longer than his eldest son, Jack, has been alive. Pete and Jack join me this week to talk about the 2022 Rettler Run, taking place at the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial & Education Center on New Year's Eve - December 31st, 2022 from 12-3P.

There are some great door prizes from Jeff's Spirits on Main! You also have an opportunity to win four hours in Pete's Mobile Whiskey Shack, fully stocked with high-end bourbon courtesy of Schloemer Law Firm.

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Fuzz Martin 0:05

Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. I'm Fuzz Martin. And that's good because the show is called Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz and if I wasn't Fuzz Martin Well then this would be awkward. Kind of still is.

Fuzz Martin 0:23

s son Jack, to talk about the:

Fuzz Martin 1:00

And with that, here's Fifteen Minutes on the Rettler Run with Pete and Jack Rettler on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

Fuzz Martin 1:17

All right, it's that time of year again, time for the 29th annual Rettler run. And we have two Rettlers joining me today, Pete and Jack. Thank you both for coming in.

Pete Rettler 1:29

Thank you, fuzz.

Jack Rettler 1:30

Thanks for having us.

Fuzz Martin 1:31

Absolutely. Pete, we're onto another year of your streak. What number are we on? Now again?

Pete Rettler 1:37

It'll be if I make it to December 29 or 31st. Knock on wood is this one? That's what enough? Yeah. It'll be 29 years complete without missing a day.

Fuzz Martin 1:47

That's amazing. And again, not everybody has heard your story yet. So first of all, when we talk about a street, let's just ask you that how far are you running to make this included in your street each day,

Pete Rettler 1:59

I average two and a half miles a day with my minimum run being what I call my Sunday run which is about 1.2 miles. But it averages about two and a half salt. Most days. I'll run three miles Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then start tapering down a little

Fuzz Martin 2:15

bit. So now tell us again how you get started doing this run streak almost 29 years ago and and what you do to keep that going each day.

Pete Rettler 2:26

ing to get back into shape in:

Fuzz Martin 3:16

Well, we're glad to have you here and still running because every year you go and help out a charity and for the last. Now I believe it's been four years you've been helping the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial. Correct?

Pete Rettler 3:28

I believe that's true. Yeah.

Fuzz Martin 3:30

You mentioned at one point used to get up early to run when your wife Kelly was getting ready to deliver your children so we can assume you got your running before Jack was born. Right?

Pete Rettler 3:40

Yes, I did. And I remember that day because I came home and or at No, it was the morning and I asked my wife how she was feeling and she's like, I think today might be the day and I'm like okay, I said Do I have time to get a run in and she said yeah, yep, time so I went and got my run in and add Jack later on and Fuzz none of my kids. I've got four children. And Jack is the oldest. None of them I've ever known a day that I haven't went for a run.

Fuzz Martin 4:07

Well, that's amazing. Now Jack, welcome to Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. You're a lawyer at Schloemer Law firm in West Bend, which again goes to how long your dad's running streak has been going is that you have become a lawyer while your dad has been running. First of all, what kind of law do you practice?

Jack Rettler 4:25

I have a very broad practice range, litigation, real estate contract review. Pretty much everything but estate planning. Okay,

Fuzz Martin 4:34

now's your time to shine. All right. So your dad is kind of almost literally passing the baton on to you. How has your streak been going?

Jack Rettler 4:42

It's it's been going well, like he said, I haven't known a day in in my life that he hasn't run. So it was important for me to start a streak of my own and didn't quite get there with my first child but hopefully I can keep it going.

Fuzz Martin 4:59

Very good. Have no

Pete Rettler 5:00

and Fuzz the story on how that he was sort of guilted into doing this because a few years ago, my daughter and I were getting interviewed for the run, I think was Lilly Xao. From Channel Six. She asked my daughter, Maddie, Maddie, are you going to take the streak over one year dad's ends and mad? He's like, No, I think that's the responsibility of the oldest child.

Fuzz Martin 5:26

And here you are.

Jack Rettler 5:26

Here I am. And I think when she said, you know, is the oldest child's responsibility, everybody's always asked, Who's going to take it over when when he can't do it. And I think it's a testament to him, but I think he'll do it until the day dies. And so I didn't want to talk about starting my streak. I didn't want him dying to be the reason that I started running every day just seems weird to me. Right? Like, why would why would I start running when he dies?

Fuzz Martin 5:52

Yeah. So that's a really, really good way of looking at that, hopefully.

Jack Rettler 5:56

And we've been able to do it this year. Hopefully, there's many years where we're sharing the streak together. So I just wanted to add that to, to the story. Yeah, my sister's the one to blame for me starting my streak, but I didn't want it to be because he wasn't with us. Anyway.

Fuzz Martin 6:14

That's dark, but also heartwarming. Do you guys ever run together?

Pete Rettler 6:19

Yeah. Quite a bit, actually. So yeah. And it was, was nice, because when I was when he was little, I pushed him in a running stroller for many, many years. And then when they were old enough to bike they would bike next to me. And then eventually, they started running. So Jack, actually, of all four of them probably ran the most with me.

Fuzz Martin 6:39

Did you run in high school or in college or anything?

Jack Rettler 6:42

I mean, I've always run. It was a weight control thing for me with wrestling. Sure. Okay. But, and I probably averaged more miles in the past than I do now. Because I stick to the minimum run minimum requirement. Sure. It's kind of crazy to do it every day. And I wanted to make sure I could get through it at a sustainable level. So I've always run but the everyday thing is the new part for me. Sure.

Pete Rettler 7:09

Although you ran a reg. What did they call it a regular run this year? Where he? You guys ran from what? St. Paul to Duluth? Yeah.

Fuzz Martin 7:17

Oh, did you go with Amanda and Jon,

Unknown Speaker 7:20

Jon. Jon was in this one. They did another one trail version. Okay, a month later, but John was with us and this with one of my brothers and cousin and some of the some of their friends.

Fuzz Martin 7:31

So for those listening, Amanda Sacks is a lawyer at Schloemer Law firm. And John Sacks is her husband, who's another attorney at another firm so

Pete Rettler 7:40

and Amanda is also on our board. Kewaskum Remembers 9/11

Fuzz Martin 7:44

She is and she's great. She's been a big part of making sure that we're that we're running along perfectly. So I asked Jack asked your dad this last time we spoke on the show about this, but do you have like now go to like pair of running shoes that you have, like a brand that you're?

Jack Rettler 7:59

Yeah, I've my wife would probably not like, like this, but I like Hoka okay,

Fuzz Martin 8:05

I knew what you were going to say when you said your wife wasn't gonna like it?

Jack Rettler 8:07

Yeah. What an expensive habit. Because any go through them pretty quick running every day. Yeah. So I if if there's anyone from Hoka that's listening to this. Yeah. I'd appreciate a shoe deal I'd be willing to wear wearing for you.

Fuzz Martin 8:21

What have you been your biggest challenges with running this year? I know. I mean, being an attorney. Have I've been coming career. You've had a kid, right?

Jack Rettler 8:30

Yep. Yep. So two years apart now. So young family young career, I would say the time family balance. Everybody goes through. I know. It's it's one of my dad's biggest pet peeves and quickly becoming one of mine, too. When people say, you know, I wish that I could get out of a streak like that, or I wish I had time for something like that. You find time you make time. If you prioritize it. That's been a big challenge is getting buy in from everybody involved. I asked my wife before I started it. Is this something that you're gonna actually support? Yeah, she's been great. Good. It's been a lot of early mornings. Trying to get the runs in before everyone wakes up.

Fuzz Martin 9:13

When you do a short run, what's the average amount of time it takes you? I can be

Jack Rettler 9:19

in and out in 10 minutes. Okay. So I run like a usually around a seven minute mile, same. So I can I can, you know, 10 minutes out of your day. It's not too hard. Yeah, in 10 minutes.

Fuzz Martin 9:33

Sure. Pete, how long does yours take?

Pete Rettler 9:36

If if I'm running nine, it's because I'm running with him. Okay.

Fuzz Martin 9:41

Yeah. Yep. Coming up on Saturday, December 31 is the annual Rettler Run streak celebration at the Kewaskum annex to raise funds for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial goes on from noon until 3pm. Tickets are available at Rettler run.com. Please get signed up today because you'll be supporting the 911 Memorial Pete, tell us about the great door prizes that we're going to have this year.

Pete Rettler:

So 29 years means the entry fee per entry is 29 bucks. I have a lot of wonderful sponsors that we put together about $2,000 worth of door prizes. So anyway, I'm I'm waiting on my friend Jeff and Jeff spirits to put together the all the Bourbons for me, but it'll be from $25, all the way to $200 bourbon, so 29 door prizes, and then Jack and talk about so $29 to enter my run. Jack is one year so yeah, I wanted

Jack Rettler:

to have a competing but non competing Yeah, event, and I thought it'd be kind of funny, a $29 for his thing, you only have to pay a buck for mine.

Fuzz Martin:

So $1 entry for Jack's run and that, but there's only one prize, there's only one prize. And that's a pretty big prize, right?

Pete Rettler:

That's the biggest prize. So the prize is a I'm in the building weird things. And I built a mobile whiskey shack. And basically, it's a fish house. Very fancy a shanty with a full bar and big screen TV. And we're going to have one winner for $1 you can enter as many times as you want for Jack's portion of the run. The prize is a for our use of the mobile whiskey shack home. I'll pull it anywhere within reason, as long as it's legal to park wherever. And it's going to be stocked thanks to Schlemmer law firm this year is our presenting sponsor. It's gonna be stocked with $500 worth of bourbon and beer. And so it'll be a party for six people. And Jack and I are gonna bartender the party.

Fuzz Martin:

Excellent. I've been in it in fact, that wasn't in the recently in the Kewaskum Christmas parade and was also in a once what we're planning for the run this year. And it is awesome. So kudos to you on all that you've got to TV on there. You've got obviously refrigerator, a pizza oven, what else do you have in the shack?

Pete Rettler:

It's solar powered, there's three holes in the inside for for ice fishing, the center comes out for sturgeon spearing. So it's there's a ceiling fan. It's nice.

Fuzz Martin:

It's pretty cool. recommend you check it out. You've got some photos online. And I believe we have some posted on the 911 memorials Facebook page as well. Do you need to be present at the event to when you do not.

Pete Rettler:

And it's not a serious run. It's more of a party or a celebration. So by the way, Father Pat, the famous I call him the most famous priest and in Wisconsin, we'll be there again to give us a New Year's blessings. So great. No, you do not have to be president of when you don't have to run. If you want to just walk you can bring your bring, maybe bring your dog and take your dog for a walk. It's the run part is not serious at all. It's not a timed run or anything like that. There's no prizes.

Fuzz Martin:

But if you are a serious runner, like Jack is and you can I know I like often county executive show mental common. Yes. And he's pretty competitive. Well,

Pete Rettler:

he's got a son who's a very good runner. Yes. So we do have a mapped out course. Right. Yeah. And actually, I don't know in the history of the run at the annex, if anybody's ever followed the correct course. But this year, I believe we're going to work with the volunteer center. Oh, great. And they're going to have some volunteers there to help direct the way and we'll be we'll have a little bit more organization in that area.

Fuzz Martin:

Right. Excellent. What is your goal for this year's event

Pete Rettler:

$10,000. Last year, I think we were a little over $8,000. So we think we can get the 10 this year, Schlemmer, once again, huge boost with being the presenting sponsor. That helped a lot. Just about every sponsor that we've had in the past is back this year. A lot of them up their sponsorship rates. So it'll it'll be a great event.

Fuzz Martin:

We should talk about who our sponsors are this year for the Rettler Run and I'll pull up the list here unless you have that handy. Obviously, you've said Schloemer Law Firm, American Companies, Duquaine Concrete, West Bend Elevator, EPIC Creative, Baird the Nowack Group, Jeff Spirits on Main, Cousin Subs, Tennies Ace Hardware, Dunn Brothers Coffee. Pete, you and Kelly have sponsored this jack, you and Sarah have sponsored this. Mike and Kay Chevalier, correct. Chevy, Chevy, Chevy, Mike and Kay Chevy, Midwest Preferred Insurance Group and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Pete Rettler:

That's a new one for us this year. That's Chip Falling and his crew.

Fuzz Martin:

Well we want to say thank you to all of those who have signed up for sponsorships for the Rettler Run and also those who have signed up to be in the Rettler Run again you can do that at rettlerrun.com r e t t l e r run.com. And speaking we had mentioned Dunn Brothers and Cousins Subs but they'll have refreshments again this year at the run right?

Pete Rettler:

Yes there. There will be coffee hot chocolate, I'm sure Keith will have a something to eat and I want to challenge. You know, it's it's an entry that you buy to be part of the door prizes. You can buy as many entries as you want. And I noticed today my, my son down in Baton Rouge entered 20 times. Wow. So that's a huge donation. So I want to challenge somebody to beat that.

Fuzz Martin:

Yeah, that's amazing. Well, thank you. That son's name again, is Drew Drew. Yes. Thank you drew. Appreciate that. Jack, you got a 21

Jack Rettler:

I've run every day this.

Fuzz Martin:

Drew's just sitting home. He's like, I'll just it's like when when your kid has a fundraiser and you're like, I'm not gonna sell pizzas. I'm just gonna get I'll just give 50 bucks.

Pete Rettler:

Yeah, he sits He lives down in Baton Rouge. So he's kicking up with his infinity pool.

Fuzz Martin:

Nice. That sounds like a good deal. All right, can people can buy at the event as well, right.

Pete Rettler:

It's easiest just to go out and do it online. But you can buy at the event and, and for Jack's portion of the run, we're not doing that through the website. So that's just we'll have we'll have spreadsheets that will keep

Fuzz Martin:

track of that. sign up sheets. Like if you go to Jeff spirits on Main. We'll have one

Pete Rettler:

at Jeff's. Yep. And I'll talk to some other sponsors to great if you are

Fuzz Martin:

wanting to get involved, if you're hearing this and not sure where to go, you can just reach out to me fifteenwithfuzz at gmail.com. And I will help get you in the right spot, or I'll just help take care of you there. So but again, the event itself is on New Year's Eve from 12 till 3 it's the Rettler run, it's happening at the Kewaskum annex building, which is right behind the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial right off highway 45 in downtown Kewaskum

Pete Rettler:

I have one one thing to add what and you being the president of the board of the 9/11. So a lot of people think that the memorial is built, what do we need the money for?

Fuzz Martin:

So our mission with the Memorial always has been first and foremost to get the Memorial built, which is done and then it looks beautiful. And it's great. Second is we also have to maintain that for years to come. And the maintenance of that costs about $20,000 a year barring any big things from happening, then the next big part of that is making sure that we're educating students and younger generations about September 11th. We do that through providing lesson plans to all the teachers in the state of Wisconsin, both digitally and we mail out letters to teachers in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools throughout the state of Wisconsin, both public and parochial. And then so there's postage involved, there's printing involved, all the other services are donated to us, but those costs do add up. So it's really getting that message out. Then finding speakers for our different events hosting are field trips and trying to make field trips more

Pete Rettler:

Maintaining the grounds. They're so beautiful though landscaping it's it costs a lot of money.

Fuzz Martin:

Yeah, exactly. So. So it's really to maintain and to educate. And that's those are what we're trying to do. And we want this we talk about people never forgetting Well, we've got a generation coming up that hasn't known so we want to make sure that they learn about it so that it doesn't happen again. There we go. Well again, Pete, Jack, thanks for all you do. Thanks for coming in. And we're looking forward to the Rettler run on New Year's Eve.

Pete Rettler:

All right, thank you Fuzz.

Jack Rettler:

Thank you.

Fuzz Martin:

Thanks again to Pete and Jack Rettler for coming in to talk about their Rettler Run 2022 It takes place on New Year's Eve Saturday December 31. From noon till three of the Kewaskum Annex building it's right off highway 45. It's on highway 45 You can enter online at rettlerrun.com. That's R E T T L E R run.com or just come with cash in hand baby. Bring your checkbook. What I'm saying is you can pay on site at the door on December 31. Thank you for listening to Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz find all the episodes at fifteenwithfuzz.com. New episodes come out on Tuesdays. You got an idea for a guest? Fill in the form fuzz.cc/guest fuzz.cc/guest and we'll talk to you next week right here on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

Fuzz Martin:

That bell was an accident but we're leaving it in.

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