Episode 69

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28th Feb 2023

Richfield's Maple Syrup Family Day with Pete Samson

Welcome to this week's episode of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz, where we share stories of positivity in Washington County, Wisconsin. In this episode, I am joined by Pete Samson, the president of the Richfield Historical Society. The Richfield Historical Society is an incredibly active organization that hosts a variety of events and lectures that always seem to draw a crowd. Pete shares his insights on the society's work, upcoming events, and how they preserve the Village of Richfield's rich history.

During our conversation, Pete and I discuss the society's upcoming Maple Syrup Family Day on Saturday, March 25th. This is an event that you won't want to miss if you're in the area, and Pete gives us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect. We also chat about the society's mission to preserve the village's history and how they're able to engage the community in this effort.

They also have maple syrup cotton candy. So it's worth it to attend for that alone. 😄

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Fuzz Martin 0:08

Greetings and salutations, I'm Fuzz Martin and you're listening to Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz, where I showcase stories of positivity from Washington County, Wisconsin.

Fuzz Martin 0:21

If you're listening to this, the day that it comes out, I hope your sump pumps are working and that your basement stayed dry for you listening in the future. It rained yesterday a lot. If you're a new listener to the show each week on Tuesday, I highlight a positive person, organization or event from our area in order to help promote good things going on. If you like the show, please do me a favor and hit the Follow button and your podcast player and you will receive all the new episodes when they come out on Tuesday mornings. Also, if you like the show, and you would be so kind, please consider giving the show a five star review. I kind of feel like I'm an Uber driver when I asked you that and there's nothing wrong with that.

Fuzz Martin 1:08

This week, I'm joined by Pete Samson, president of the Richfield Historical Society. The Richfield Historical Society is a very active organization. And they have a lot of fun events and lectures that seemed to pack the house. Pete was great to talk to and I encourage you to check out their Maple Syrup Family Day coming up on March 25. And with that, here's 15 minutes with Pete Samson of the Richfield Historical Society on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

Fuzz Martin 1:48

Pete Thank you for joining me today on 15 minutes with Fuzz you are the president of the Richfield Historical Society, am I right?

Pete Samson 1:54

Yes, that's correct. All right. So

Fuzz Martin 1:56

how did you first get involved with the Richfield Historical Society?

Pete Samson 2:00

Well, that it's actually somewhat of an interesting story. I don't live too far from the park aren't before I retired, I used to take my dog walking through the park, and they would see me in the park. So often they say, Hey, sometime you gotta join us and help out in a park. So about eight years ago, I retired and I started working in a park and, and really enjoyed it. And now I somehow became the president.

Fuzz Martin 2:26

It's funny how when people retire, they often become volunteers. And then it's kind of like working again.

Pete Samson 2:31

Yeah. Because I had, uh, it's interesting when you retire it goes like from 100 emails a day to phone calls to nothing. And that's like, so this is really, really filled in really nice. So what's a really relaxing type of work?

Fuzz Martin 2:48

Great. What were you doing before you retired?

Pete Samson 2:50

I was in operations, management and sheet metal fabrication. Okay, for 40 years.

Fuzz Martin 2:55

Wow. Yeah. So you said you've been involved with RHS for eight years now, eight years? Yeah. And you've obviously seen a lot of rich fields history now is being the president and being involved for eight years. What is one of your favorite parts of Richfield's history?

Pete Samson 3:14

one of my favorite part is actually just understanding the way how used to have a railroad station and things like that. And recently, we had the donation of somebody gave us the original benches that sat outside Oh, really at that bench. And so hopefully this year, we're going to be displaying those. And so just learning that how much stuff in the commute that people that used to make, basically without freeways and good roads, yeah, I'm from the Richfield area.

Fuzz Martin 3:44

One of the things that just has really amazed me about the Richfield Historical Society is how active you are. So And just before we started recording, you talked about some of the information sessions that you have, and that you have had at the Richfield Historical Society and you guys get a lot of people that come to listen to those, right? Yes,

Pete Samson 4:01

We have monthly events meetings, really talk about the history of the area, not only Richfield, we went through the Potawatomi Indians, how they Indians went to prison camps and Chinese prison camps that were proposed all over the state of Wisconsin that you really don't hear much, or worry too much about.

Fuzz Martin 4:22

So you just had the the German beer event and now you have more events coming up later this year. And we'll talk about the maple sugar Family Day which is coming up soon. We'll talk about that in a bit. But what are some of the other events that the Richfield Historical Society has throughout the year?

Pete Samson 4:37

type of equipment now have a:

Fuzz Martin 5:14

I bet what else you guys have throughout the year

Pete Samson 5:17

That we one of our newer events is blacksmith day, which is the first weekend in October where we have a little bit more of a hands on for for the people can actually see and actually do some stuff. And an event we just added last year to Rex is really was very successful for a first year is a luminary walk, which is the first weekend in November. And for first event on a very windy night. We exceeded all of our expectations and look forward to having an event like that really doesn't necessarily we say what does that have to do with history. It really brings younger people to the park with families who come back to our events because sometimes I personally drove past the park for years without ever driving in to see what the park was all about.

Fuzz Martin 6:07

Let's talk about the park for a moment. So there's the the Richfield Historical Park and then there's also the Richfield Nature Park is that right?

Pete Samson 6:14

Yes sir. Basically you would not know the difference. Except that historical park is about 33 acres and it's just follow the road that goes through the park and that's the road that it's the Historical Park. Okay, the Nature {ark is behind the Historical Park and really nice walking and hiking trails around the park. And it's really an enjoyable it's about a half a mile off the road so you don't see it. You just feel like you're out really in the middle of nowhere

Fuzz Martin 6:42

sure feels like you're going to someone's house or something. Yeah. Is there a cost to get into the park or park is free?

Pete Samson 6:47

All year long? Okay, just no one no charge I get in the park.

Fuzz Martin 6:52

What things are in the historical part of the park? What kind of things can you see there

Pete Samson 6:56

Well the Historical Park I think is one of the most photographed where we bring a lot of people and a lot of photographers come in and do high school pictures and graduation senior pictures, family pictures, baby pictures are historical buildings really are a beautiful background to that.

Fuzz Martin 7:14

The event space can people rent space there at all for events and things

Pete Samson 7:18

We offer a rental of really the rental is only if you want to have some tables and benches set up okay, or power. Otherwise the use of the park is pretty much free on YouTube or sit around all buildings and there's really nice we have benches and tables throughout the park for people just to come in and enjoy the day

Fuzz Martin 7:39

Coming up on Saturday March 25. Is the Richfield Historical Society Maple Syrup Family Day, what can you tell me about that event?

Pete Samson 7:48

Well, it's just one of my favorite events. We do a lot of collecting of sap and maple syrup. So this is really close to the end of the season. We actually are making maple syrup people can come and see all the servers being made. We have—the event is totally free. Except if you want to have make some purchases, but you can come to the event and enjoy goats, ducks ,watching a blacksmith learning how a maple syrup is made. So it's all free

Fuzz Martin 8:19

A great event for the kids and families and things like that?

Pete Samson 8:23

It's one of our biggest events attendance out with four young families. And it's it's fun to see, we do an education day that I did not mention with all the third and fourth graders throughout the school. And it's fun to see kids come back and say, Oh, I remember coming here at Education Day. And then actually some people I have one young married couple comments says I remember coming here when I was in fifth grade. So we've been doing that for a long time as well. That's great.

Fuzz Martin 8:51

The So Pete, do you get involved with making the maple syrup at all?

Pete Samson 8:57

season, we'll collect five to:

Fuzz Martin 9:25

That's awesome. And speaking of maple syrup, there's also a pancake breakfast that day. Is that right?

Pete Samson 9:27

Yep, pancake breakfast is all all pancakes you can eat reasonably cost $7.

Fuzz Martin 9:33

And do you have to buy tickets ahead of time for that?

Pete Samson 9:35


Fuzz Martin 9:35

Okay, so that's from nine till 12 on Saturday, March 25 But the event goes until 4pm.

Pete Samson 9:41

Yes, it does. Then we have hotdogs and other snacks available for purchase the rest of the throughout the day.

Fuzz Martin 9:48

If people want to find out more information about the Maple Syrup Family Day, pancake breakfast or just about the Richfield Historical Society as a whole where can they go?

Pete Samson 9:57

They're gonna go to Richfield Historical Society dot (org), or they can go on our Facebook page, we have a really nice active Facebook page that shows the current events. And we also have a YouTube page that really shows a nice overview of the park.

Fuzz Martin:

Again, I want to say that I'm active in the community, I work on a number of nonprofits, and I know how much work it can be to do these kinds of things. And I think that you guys do such a good job of staying active, presenting really interesting information and keeping people involved with the Historical Society. So kudos to you, thank you. And

Pete Samson:

I was sort of crushed that myself, because I wasn't when we just said you have monthly meetings, and I go, Okay, I'm gonna be five or six of us at this monthly meeting. And we average 60 to 100 people. And I think part of it is we try to get different speakers that are of interest to people so we get one month that might be you have an interest in farming the next month, you mind that the beer, or we have a nice person that comes in who talks about being President Lincoln's wife, Mary, to dress up in that attire, and it's really interesting story as well.

Fuzz Martin:

That's excellent. So again, Richfield historical society.org. And also check out their Facebook page. Pete, thank you so much for coming in and talking with me today and I am going to talk to my wife about bringing our seven year old to maple syrup family day on the 25th of March, aren't I

Pete Samson:

One thing I did forget is that we do have maple cotton candy. Oh, delicious. Is one of our signature products that we have in the park. And that's really good. And if you bring your man I gladly just tell him Pete. You know, Pete, and I'll give you a free one.

Fuzz Martin:

Excellent, I'm, in. We never turned down free cotton candy. But yes, that's maple syrup. Cotton candy. That sounds amazing. Pete, thanks again. We appreciate you coming.

Pete Samson:

Thank you.

Fuzz Martin:

Thank you again to Pete Sampson of the Richfield Historical Society for joining me for today's episode of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. Again, Maple Syrup Family Day is coming up on Saturday, March 25. from 9 till 4 at Richfield Historical Park. Put it in your calendar. That'll do it for today's episode. Again, if you want to hear new episodes, which come on on Tuesday mornings, please hit the follow button in your podcast player. You can also listen to all of the episodes of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz at fifteenwithfuzz.com it's fifteen spelled out with fuzz.com. And if you want to suggest a topic for the show, please click the contact button there on fifteenwithfuzz.com and send me your suggestions. I'm always looking for positive stories happening here in all around Washington County. Have a great week and I will talk to you next Tuesday. Here on 15 minutes with fuzz

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