Episode 79

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1st Aug 2023

Season 3 Kickoff - Fifteen Minutes *About* Fuzz

Justin Reichert approached me at the end of Season 2 and said he had an idea. He wanted to flip the script and have someone interview me for the show for once. And you know what, that sounded like a fun idea. So, this week, Justin digs in and asks some hard-hitting questions.

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Fuzz Martin 0:08

Hello beautiful people. Welcome to season three of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. I always have to resist my urge to do my George W. Bush impersonation and say, "Miss me yet!?" when I start a new season. I hope you're having a great summer. It's been kind of a whirlwind for me. The kids are getting older summers packed with activities. We've had some fun family vacations. There are so many events and fun things happening in our area. It's just been good all around best summer I've had all year. If you've listened to every episode of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz, you may remember Episode 16, where county executive Josh Schoemann and Justin Reichert came on the show to talk about Forever Honoring Our Washington County Vets. Well, since that episode, Justin Reichert and I have become pretty good friends. Justin's always good for a laugh, and funny text, those kinds of things. Plus he participates in a lot of local community, things like the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial, and other things like that. So one day, he had the idea to do an episode of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz about me and about all the things that I'm into. And I made him promise that if we did it, it would have to be fun not to stuff. You're serious, because the show's not about me, but I thought it was a fun idea. So we jumped into it to kick off season three. Here's 15 minutes about me, right here on Fifteen Minutes...

Justin Reichert 1:36

about fuzz.

Justin Reichert 1:47

All right, so let's get started. Couple questions, Fuzz. Where does the name come from?

Fuzz Martin 1:52

Where does my name come from? So when I was 13 years old, I was working for a landscaping company Achetnhagen Services Incorporated out of Muskego. I had I was also playing football. So we had started the like summer training for football. And I had to shave my head because my head so big that it needed to fit in the helmet. So I shaved my head. And then one day I was working while I was working at Achtenhagen during the like, the middle of the day, the day after practice. I was running a SCAG lawn mower. I had accidentally hit you know, those water caps that are like where they turn off the water. Yeah, well, I had accidentally with a SCAG walk behind hit one of the water caps, and it shot out of the mower in through the siding of the customer's neighbor's house, like put a hole in the siding. And I didn't hear it. I felt it. But I didn't hear that in the building. Well, my foreman, he shouted, Fuzzy, get your a** over here. And then everybody started calling me Fuzzy. So I was actually Fuzzy. It was always Fuzzy with a y. And then when I turned 18, I made a joke that I am grown up now. So I dropped the Y and it became Fuzz. So that was how Fuzz came to be.

Justin Reichert 3:11

Oh, that's awesome. I love it. So Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. Obviously, you have a past history with being on the radio and whatnot. So where does Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz come from?

Fuzz Martin 3:22

t this podcast till August of:

Justin Reichert 4:09

that's great. So we're going into season three. Yep. Season. Pretty exciting. You've had some amazing podcasts along the way. Who's been your favorite podcast? The date?

Fuzz Martin 4:19

My favorite podcast the date? You know, I find Okay, I'll say this. The the one I think that was the most moving for me, was the interview I had with Buck Blodgett of the Love is Greater than Hate Project. If you recall, his daughter was murdered in Hartford and just hearing that story, I'm getting goosebumps thinking of just thinking of that. And it was interesting because my, the rules for the show via like no politics, talk about positive things. We don't critique anything. And trying to find like I was I was worried about like the positivity coming from The message but I feel like he has more positivity than a lot of people in and he just like gear that he has found is it. It's really inspiring to me. So I think that was probably my, that's the episode that I tell people listen to the most thing.

Justin Reichert 5:16

That's great. And I think so you and I are both on the 9/11 Memorial. Yeah, I think similar to that people that go through terrible tragedies are some of the most positive people. I mean, we're a Roman, obviously, with that. But that kind of leads me into one of my questions. Volunteer Center, Chamber of Commerce ,9/11 Memorial. So you just don't know how to say no, then or...

Fuzz Martin 5:40

Yeah, I don't know how to say no, I need to learn to say no, better. I'm getting better. I just spent the last weekend unsubscribing from emails. So that's like my first little dip in the saying no to things. So I don't know. Give it give it a shot asked me something. Do like you asked me to do something.

Justin Reichert 6:00

Do you want to come over and cut my grass today? I'm gonna go for a drink.

Fuzz Martin 6:04


Justin Reichert 6:08

No, I, I can say that. I've been to a lot of the events under the things that you're part of. And I mean, it's great, the volunteer center, when they'd had their their recognition this year. And you know, you hosted again this year. And I think we were all a bit confused with the random things that were coming out and being delivered at the beginning. Yeah, the props. Yeah. So just little things like that. I think you're great for the community that way.

Fuzz Martin 6:32

Thank you. Appreciate that.

Justin Reichert 6:33

So I digress from being nice. Just a couple more questions with now EPIC. So you're, you know, you're part of EPIC. You're a CSO what is that and kind of tell us what EPIC is?

Fuzz Martin 6:47

Sure. So, starting with EPIC. EPIC Creative is a full service marketing and advertising agency. It's been around for like 35 years. I started here 12 years ago. My role as CSO, I started here as a copywriter and public relations guy after I left radio, I was listening to Pandora on the way to work every morning. And I was like, hey, on the way to to the radio station, and I was like, you know, this digital radio thing is probably going to take off and I don't want to be a radio DJ making $45,000 a year when I have a family so moved over to advertising I had been a copywriter in radio when I started in radio, so I started doing copywriting here and then also public relations. So I'm sending out press releases, working with the media to get stories and guests on TV shows and radio shows and things and worked my way up on in stock and now I'm a partner and Chief Strategy Officer I oversee the brand strategies for for companies like how do they go to market essentially we find out what their goal is and what their budgets are and who their audiences are. And then we try to create a plan a strategy in order to reach the right audiences and make you know, maximize their their marketing and advertising. That's my jam.

Justin Reichert 8:04

Which is nice because it's not a one size fits all for companies.

Fuzz Martin 8:07

Exactly. And I every day is different for me which is important ADHD you know that kind of

Justin Reichert 8:12

stuff for the millions and millions that listen to this Yeah, I'll definitely millions

Fuzz Martin 8:16

here in Washington County. That's right Listen,

Justin Reichert 8:18

what what drives you to keep going like what what is the the year why for Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz and you know, I like it selfishly I like listening to it look forward to Tuesdays when they when they come out and you know, just brings a smile listening to what's going on in the community. But what what's your long term, your plan for it?

Fuzz Martin 8:39

My why for this is for me to learn about things that are going on in the community and then also to help promote things that need a voice in our community. So that's, that's my why long term. You know, like the hardest part about doing the show is finding guests and having them come on the show. And like scheduling a time and you know, getting the recording done. But I enjoy this part of this talking about and I enjoy the editing part of it that kind of art of putting it together. But finding people is hard so if you ever you listening, are you just an ever have a suggestion? Tell me because I'm always open or if it's you know, doesn't have to be a nonprofit, it can be an interesting business, it can be an interesting person, obviously an event. So if he's got a cool collection of something here in Washington County that would make for a good story, those kinds of things. Long term, if I can sustain finding guests and keeping it interesting, then I'll keep going. I'd love to have some sponsors just because the I don't care about the money but just the the hook of keeping me going and like, like I have a an obligation to somebody for that.

Justin Reichert 9:50

Right but other vested individuals. Yeah, exactly. No, that's great. And you know, Washington County continues to boom. I know most of it is primarily Washington counties. A couple things just out of Washington County. And I think there's a lot more happening. So if you're out there and you have the largest ball of twine in the, in the county, please reach out and yeah, exactly, we'll find out about it exactly.

Fuzz Martin:

I had been asked actually by a few guests to that have said, Why don't you branch out outside of Washington County, like further just like, make it a Southeastern Wisconsin, Wisconsin thing. And I really like the intimacy of it being in Washington County, like I feel like it's something that the that we can own like that we have. And I think it dilutes the message if we're like, if I was doing Milwaukee and Waukesha and Ozaukee dipping into those areas fine, like around the fringe, especially if it's something that affects Washington, like I've got an interview for with somebody from Ozaukee County coming up on a couple episodes. And I'm looking forward to that, because it's cool. And it's right outside Washington County, and they have a really good cause. But, you know, I don't want to do like Summerfest or, you know, those kinds of things that just when I was on the radio was really focused on this area, like Dodge County and kind of the Southern Fond du Lac County, those kind of things. And I think this has the same kind of vibe.

Justin Reichert:

Yeah. And I think people do appreciate the family feel of it, you know, the most feel so far as you know, you're we found out you volunteer for everything. You know, you work all the time. What do you do for fun? Like you are a dad, you're a husband? What do you do with your family? What do you guys do to hang out?

Fuzz Martin:

I have long suffered from ADHD. So I go streaky with the things that I'm involved in. I've never not been really into lawn care, except for this year. I've only mowed my lawn like five times because of the drought. But for fun, like right now my youngest daughter and I, we play Hot Wheels every weekend. We're like, we set up cool tracks and do that kind of stuff. I've got like, I almost said I have I mean she has like 150 cars or something like that. And we do like little tournaments and things. Go to the gym. You know, like it's my wife and I go on dates all the time. Even though we have our families all scattered throughout the US and surrounding islands. We found a way to get out every so often and go, you know, out on a day go to Ackerman's Grove Park and hit up a beer garden, those kinds of things. Yeah, you know, I've left his good man. Yeah, enjoy it.

Justin Reichert:

I would agree. We do need some rain. Yeah, my water bill is getting a little high.

Fuzz Martin:

Honestly, I won't water I I mean, we watered the garden, but I won't water the grass because it's like,

Justin Reichert:

and I'm that neighbor. Okay, so my grass is completely green. And people around me now have started to water because of that. I feel like I'm creating part of an economy.

Fuzz Martin:

Yeah. Good. Good. To keep that. That West Bend water utility going?

Justin Reichert:

Yeah, exactly. Sports. Are you into sports? Do you like any teams? Like what? Professional college anything?

Fuzz Martin:

I used to watch football religiously. Both NFL and college football. When I married Shanna, Shanna is from Northern Illinois. I'm sorry for ya. So she's never been into football because she's never had a good team. So we 85... 85 Yes, yes. When she was four years old, they had a good team. She doesn't get into football pitches and linebackers. Don't hate her for it. And I turn it on when I'm like folding laundry and stuff in the bedroom. But I don't. I don't really sit down and watch it too often. So I love watching NASCAR if I've got a moment, but I couldn't even tell you who most of the drivers are right now because I just don't have any focus on it. Same with IndyCar stuff, like watching the IndyCar stuff a lot. But, you know, I don't play golf. Well, I have clubs. I'll go if somebody asks me to, but I like pickleball but I don't play that often. Yeah, it's a little little like sports, I guess. For me, it's always been weightlifting and powerlifting my daughter used to be a powerlifter. So I was her coach for a long time. So that was really the kind of sport that I was into.

Justin Reichert:

Pickleball one of the largest growing sports Right? Exactly. I hear naked Pickleball is taking off.

Fuzz Martin:

I know a pickleball is taking off your clothes. Yeah, pickleball please don't do it in any of the communities that I'm in. But exactly. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna Yak, you're young if that's true.

Justin Reichert:

And I have four kids, lots of kids and we have a pretty wide variety. Our oldest would be 19 on Monday 11 nine and then crew just turned to my 19 year old. One of his big questions is what are you watching on Netflix these days? So I posed that question for you.

Fuzz Martin:

So right now we are finishing The Wire on HBO, which came out in like 2005 but we actually finally sat down to watch it. And it is an amazing show. Partly wish I hadn't waited that long to watch it, but also I like really enjoying it. So if one season left of that, and then you know, I'm into funny stuff I like I think you should leave I don't know if you've ever watched it. The show is so absurd that it's one of those things where like when you turn it on at home, your partner will look at you and say like, What the hell are you watching? So? Yes, message. Yeah, so I think you should leave is hilarious, very quotable. And, you know, we watch the Mandalorian and all those types of shows. Looking forward to a Ahsoka. Yeah, that kind of stuff.

Justin Reichert:

Good. I only have two more questions for you. Really? If you could do anything. Anything at all money is not an option. Yep. What are you going to be doing on a normal day to day

Fuzz Martin:

I could do anything if I was just independently wealthy didn't have to worry about no responsibility. Yeah, no responsibilities. Well, it's a great question. I would love if, if money was no object, I would love to get some expensive sports cars and drive them in places that are can drive fast and, and do fun things. If I was retired right now and bored, I would probably buy a lawn like a zero turn lawn mower and a truck and go start a lawn mowing business just to because I could sit and mow lawns all day. But it would be super cool to drive a 911 on some windy roads. Right and all the time. Yeah, for sure.

Justin Reichert:

What's your wedding anniversary?

Fuzz Martin:

June 25.

Justin Reichert:

Yeah, see? I thought maybe I could catch you off guard. Yeah. No.

Fuzz Martin:

wife's birthday, September 19. I love that. Yeah.

Justin Reichert:

Dad jokes. Got any.

Fuzz Martin:

Always. Uh, do I have any off the cuff right now? Right now? No, I'm blanking.

Justin Reichert:

I'll lead you into one. Okay, so you can never be mad if you chip in your driveway. Yeah, because it's your own asphalt.

Fuzz Martin:

It's very true. Good work. I'm usually like, I'm a dad joke guy. But it's usually like in the moment. Bad joke kind of thing. So yeah, for sure. So I live by puns.

Justin Reichert:

I want to thank you for being on your show. Thanks for having me. Yeah, it was great. I think this is amazing for people to just learn more about you. I mean, you ask people questions across the table all the time. And I think it's good for people to get to know you a little bit more. I've known you for not that long yet. Yeah. But great guy. You are involved in so many things. Again, you know, you have a hard time saying no to things, but it's always a great for the community. So selfishly, keep saying yes, I think I can say that for a lot of the nonprofits in the community as well. But for your own sanity, maybe a no here and there.

Fuzz Martin:

You remember Austin Powers I think has awesome powers to where Will Ferrell is the guy who are you asked him a question that you have to ask him three times. Yeah, yeah, that's me. Asked me twice. If you want me to do some. Yeah.

Justin Reichert:

I mean, that's fair. It was like Bruce Willis was wants to ask, can you just say no to a movie? I mean, I think it goes the same way.

Fuzz Martin:

Yeah, exactly, exactly. But I enjoy helping out in I am blessed to have a good career, be able to do things. And when I see there an opportunity to help. I don't know. It's hard to say no.

Justin Reichert:

Oh, great. Well, again, thanks for having me here. And thanks for everyone listening to Fifteen Minutes *about* Fuzz.

Fuzz Martin:

And thanks for the idea to do this. This was a lot of fun.

Justin Reichert:

Yeah, it definitely was.

Fuzz Martin:

Thanks again to Justin Reichert for the fun interview. I hope it was fun and insightful for you as well. Or at least you got from your house to your office job without throwing your phone out the window. If you ever have an idea for a guest for the show that's not made, you can always hit me up via email fifteenwithfuzz@gmail.com or fuzz.cc/guest that is fuzz.cc/guest and fill out the form. New episodes come out on Tuesdays. You can follow the show on iTunes, Spotify, or Google podcasts. There's tons of podcast players out there. Check them out. All the episodes are also available on my website fifteenwithfuzz.com. And I think those are enough things for you for the week a Yeah. Thanks for listening. And I'll get back at you next Tuesday right here on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz!

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